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The secret corset is an Italian brand for luxury lingerie. Lace, studs, embroidered details and crossed ribbons : our corsets are designed for who loves to enchant and seduce, emblems of mystery, passion and sensuality.
Each corset becomes a symbol of desire. Our design is characterized by strings which allow the perfect fit of the corset.

The Secret Corset has the power to unlock your sensual and fashionable soul.
Our corsets reflect the wide range of styles dictated by fashion. From the sixteenth century to the contemporary world corsets allow shapes to be defined and contained, perfect for every occasion. Support your bust and breasts with style: our brand offers unique, each bustier is tailor-made and differs from the other in style and creativity. Models with an essential design for the most imaginative applications. All with one goal: sensuality.
Find the right bustier for you and select your model for a perfect result.
The Secret Corset corsets sculpt the figure.
An effective and functional stylistic solution, which achieves the result you want to achieve.
Reinvent your look for every occasion
An elegant undercoat or an element of underwear: The Secret Corset allows you to make your outfit on any occasion. The most elegant and refined models are in fact perfect with a suit or an oversized blazer; to be combined with trousers and skirts with different shapes. If you want to be extravagant with style wear our corsets with a slightly unbuttoned shirt. If, however, you want to surprise by focusing everything on the originality of your style, wear a corset with sexy details and studs with a sporty style or jeans.
With The Secret Corset feel free to be you.